Nextflow workshop is coming!

  • Paolo Di Tommaso
  • 26 April 2017

We are excited to announce the first Nextflow workshop that will take place at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park building (PRBB) on 14-15th September 2017.

This event is open to everybody who is interested in the problem of computational workflow reproducibility. Leading experts and users will discuss the current state of the Nextflow technology and how it can be applied to manage -omics analyses in a reproducible manner. Best practices will be introduced on how to deploy real-world large-scale genomic applications for precision medicine.

During the hackathon, organized for the second day, participants will have the opportunity to learn how to write self-contained, replicable data analysis pipelines along with Nextflow expert developers.

More details at this link. The registration form is available here (deadline 15th Jun).

Schedule (draft)

Thursday, 14 September

10.00 Welcome & introduction
Cedric Notredame
Comparative Bioinformatics, CRG, Spain
10.15 Nextflow: a quick review
Paolo Di Tommaso
Comparative Bioinformatics, CRG, Spain
10.30 Standardising Swedish genomics analyses using Nextflow
Phil Ewels
National Genomics Infrastructure, SciLifeLab, Sweden
11.00 Building Pipelines to Support African Bioinformatics: the H3ABioNet Pipelines Project
Scott Hazelhurst
University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
11.30 coffee break
12.00 Using Nextflow for Large Scale Benchmarking of Phylogenetic methods and tools
Frédéric Lemoine
Evolutionary Bioinformatics, Institut Pasteur, France
12.30 Nextflow for chemistry - crossing the divide
Tim Dudgeon
Informatics Matters Ltd, UK
12.50 From zero to Nextflow @ CRG's Biocore
Luca Cozzuto
Bioinformatics Core Facility, CRG, Spain
13.10 (to be determined)
13.30 Lunch
Hackathon & course

Friday, 15 September

9.30 Computational workflows for omics analyses at the IARC
Matthieu Foll
International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), France
10.00 Medical Genetics at Oslo University Hospital
Hugues Fontanelle
Oslo University Hospital, Norway
10.30 Inside-Out: reproducible analysis of external data, inside containers with Nextflow
Evan Floden
Comparative Bioinformatics, CRG, Spain
11.00 coffee break
11.30 (title to be defined)
Johnny Wu
Roche Sequencing, Pleasanton, USA
12.00 Standardizing life sciences datasets to improve studies reproducibility in the EOSC
Jordi Rambla
European Genome-Phenome Archive, CRG
12.20 Unbounded by Economics
Brendan Bouffler
AWS Research Cloud Program, UK
12.40 Challenges with large-scale portable computational workflows
Paolo Di Tommaso
Comparative Bioinformatics, CRG, Spain
13.00 Lunch

See you in Barcelona!

Nextflow workshop

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