NF-web: a web interface for Nextflow

Anton Khodak

Senior Software Developer, Wellcome Sanger Institute, UK

We are presenting an open-source web application for running Nextflow pipelines on OpenStack. It lets users with no Nextflow experience start pipelines by uploading data and filling in input parameters, be notified once the analysis is finished and get the results uploaded to S3. Although it was created for the OpenStack use-case, it allows plugging in a different backend for other cloud providers, such as GCE or AWS. Advanced users can pass Nextflow options along with the pipeline inputs. The pipeline collection is easily extended, nf-core pipelines can be added by submitting YAML manifests to the service. In the talk, we will demonstrate how launching this service gives scientists at Cellular Genetics department of Wellcome Sanger Institute who have no Nextflow experience an ability to run pipelines themselves and makes Nextflow adoption easier across the whole institute.


Senior Software Developer in Cellular Genetics Informatics support group at Sanger Institute. Developing internal services (NF-web) and paper supplement websites, working with computational infrastructure (Openstack, Kubernetes), maintaining the department JupyterHub deployment. Contributed to the development of multiple workflow engines (primarily CWL - cwltool, REANA, Rabix). Bachelor of System Analysis and Master of Computer Science, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.


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