Talking about news in the Nextflow ecosytem and speaking with pioneers in the field.

Episode 5 Interview: Evan Floden

CEO and Co-founder of Seqera Labs

  • interview
  • 11 March 2022

In this Podcast, Rob Lalonde, CCO of Seqera Labs speaks with Dr. Evan Floden, CEO and co-founder of Seqera Labs. Rob and Evan talk about the history of Nextflow, Evan's journey as the co-founder of a start-up, Breaking Bad, and the future of bioinformatics. Evan also provides a live demo of Nextflow Tower.

Episode 4 Interview: Cedric Notredame

The Origins of Nextflow.

  • interview
  • 16 December 2021

In this Podcast, Rob Lalonde of Seqera Labs speaks with Cedric Notredame, head of the Notredame Lab at the Centre for Genomic Regulation in Barcelona, Spain. In this far-ranging discussion, Rob and Cedric talk about cloud, pipelines, and trace the evolution of Nextflow from its early days as a research project to its current role in the global COVID effort.

Episode 3 Interview: Lorena Pantano

Inside a Bioinformatics Startup – with NextRNA Therapeutics

  • interview
  • 15 September 2021

In this podcast, Rob Lalonde of Seqera Labs speaks with Lorena Pantano, head of Computational Biology at NextRNA, a firm leading the next revolution in RNA-directed therapeutics located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In this fascinating discussion, Rob and Lorena talk bioinformatics, life in a startup, and women in technology.

Episode 2 Interview: Nils Homer

Fulcrum Genomics – methods and software for analyzing next-generation sequencing data.

  • interview
  • 01 April 2021

In this Podcast, Rob Lalonde speaks with Nils Homer, founding partner at Fulcrum Genomics. Nils shares his unique perspectives on breaking into the bioinformatics industry, advances in technology and tools, and what to expect in the next three to five years.

Episode 1 Interview: Phil Ewels

Talking open source, bioinformatics and maple syrup with Phil Ewels of SciLifeLab

  • interview
  • 02 March 2021

In this Podcast, Rob Lalonde speaks with Phil Ewels of SciLifeLab Sweden, part of NGI Stockholm. In this fascinating discussion, they cover everything from nf-core to future bioinformatics challenges.